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Successful Charlotte Startups Panel

QCF Class 12 Updates

Hear an update from each one of our Class 12 Founders and how their needs have change amid COVID 19.

Experiment by Design, Keynote

Alpha Labs Launch

Alpha Labs is a new program by Queen City Fintech launching in April 2020. During this program, we will be connecting founders with people who belong to their respective target markets to test their platforms and provide feedback from a user’s perspective. In addition, we will also be connecting them with accomplished, high performing professionals in UI/UX and other technical fields as well as those in various functional roles that match their overarching industry focus - including financial services, accounting, consulting, and more.

Alpha Lab Companies

Upward Momentum Event Partners

Fintech Generations

Fintech Generations is a global fintech thought leadership event held in Charlotte annually. Since its inception in 2015, the conference has sold out each year growing to almost 1,000 attendees drawing national and international fintech leaders and speakers.

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IBM HyperProtect Accelerator

This is a global, virtual accelerator focused on Healthtech and Fintech startups that are:

  • Handling sensitive data

  • Have less than $1 million in annual revenue

  • Are less than 5 years old

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