Meet the Team

Co-Founder & Managing Director

Dan is a prolific serial entrepreneur and a co-founder of Packard Place, a hub for entrepreneurs in Charlotte.

Our Story

QCF originally was founded in 2012 as RevTech Labs, a general technology accelerator program. In 2013, we pivoted to form Queen City Fintech as there was a need in the Charlotte ecosystem to create a program that leveraged and supported the emerging tech talent. We pivoted and rebranded to Queen City Fintech in order to differentiate ourselves on the national scale and take advantage of the strong financial services ecosystem present in our city. We are passionate about growing our fintech community locally and support national and international founders on their entrepreneurial endeavors.

Executive Sponsors

Carolina Fintech Hub

Carolina Fintech Hub is a nonprofit partnership of leading financial services firms, fintech companies, universities and government working to fuel the future growth and success of emerging financial technologies.

CFV Teal Logo Long.png
CFV Ventures

CFV Ventures is a financial technology fund based in Charlotte, NC. We are passionate about working with early-stage startups primarily based in the United States. 

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