Program Overview

QC Fintech's Accelerator is a 12-week program designed to mature financial technology startups through intense mentorship from leading banking executives, business development professionals, and venture capitalists and attorneys, among others in Charlotte's robust business community. This  program's focus is on helping Founders become better Founders.


Accepted companies receive an upfront capital infusion of at least $40,000 per company with the potential for follow on funding for the top performers in the program.



Charlotte is the second largest financial center in the US. QC Fintech offers access to executive level members of each of Charlotte's Fortune 500 financial services institutions. With low cost of living and some of the best quality of life in the US, there is no better city in the U.S. to grow a fintech startup than The Queen City.

Why Charlotte?

Fintech Vertical

QC Insurtech selects companies with technology or customer acquisition models strategically aligned with our partners. As such we maintain a 'wide tent' definition of insu. Here are some segments of the broader fintech sector we find particularly interesting:


Cybersecurity・Regulation and Compliance Tech・Payments Tech・Specialty Lending・Capital Markets Tech・Blockchain Applications to Banking Processes・Cryptocurrency・Banking SaaS/PaaS Solutions・Digital Identity・B2B2C Financial Tools・Insurtech・Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning, and AI

Our Approach


The sales cycle for B2B fintech products averages anywhere from six to twelve months. Gaining traction with a B2C fintech product can be even tougher as the space becomes increasingly crowded. QC Fintech has developed innovative and unique program offerings to help Founders succeed and ultimately build a stronger, more sustainable product.


Advisory Boards

QC Fintech matches you with 10-12 subject matter experts to discuss your overall strategy, new product development, and other ideas you have for the growth of your business. You will meet with these advisors 4 times during the 12 weeks for extended periods of time each.

Mentor Platform

QC Fintech has the most robust mentor network out there with over 500 mentors that are high-level decision makers, even C-suite executives, at Fortune 500 companies. With our mentor matching system, we place you with professionals with the exact subject matter expertise you need to take your business to the next level.

Alpha Labs

QC Fintech's proprietary alpha testing platform. Twice per year, we match founders with alpha users in their target market to provide feedback and share ideas based on their user experience testing the founder's platform for 4-6 weeks. This program is ideal for startups with either a B2C or B2B2C business model.

B2B Discovery

QC Fintech's proprietary pilot testing program. We match founders with companies that will either provide POC or customer discovery feedback or, if the startup is far along enough, will fully pilot their solution. This program is ideal for startups with either a B2B or B2B2C business model.

Demo Day

Demo day is the culmination of the QC Fintech Accelerator program where each company pitches to the greater fintech community.


In the fall the QC Fintech Demo Day is the capstone event of the Venture 135 Conference, and Fintech Generations in the spring.

Christian Zimmerman 


"QC Fintech has been a catalyst for our success. The mentors & advisors we met and continue to still work with, have been a major benefit in helping us solidify new relationships and partnerships. The entire team has been there every step of the way and provide great feedback and support to ensure a successful outcome."

Justin Witz


"QC Fintech was a phenomenal accelerator to participate in. The access to mentors, advisors and coaches was a major benefit in helping us develop our platform and identify new relationships. We loved the space, open atmosphere and how the Charlotte community opened their arms to us so we could grow as a startup. Dan and his entire team were on top of us to keep us on track and to provide a successful outcome, which worked perfectly. If you're a company looking for the right investment to grow your company with proper guidance and insight, QC Fintech is the place to go."

Cor Hoekstra


A ‘thank you’ to the QC Fintech leadership team upon completion of Demo Day simply does not do justice to the invaluable guidance, expertise, and business contacts we have received during these past three months. Our one objective was to gain validation for the Amicus digital customer experience platform from Donor Advised Fund (DAF) sponsors, but we gained so much more. Most grateful for the opportunity to participate and for the welcome extended by all the coaches and mentors in the Charlotte business community that are the backbone of this program

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