Program Overview

The International Landing Pad program is best suited for international companies looking for access to the US marketplace that have established product-market fit in other countries and have also secured a level of funding adequate for international growth.

The focus of this program is to establish a framework for overseas companies’ successful foundation in the United States. This includes a connection to our partners in sales, marketing, accounting, and law to provide their respective services to these arriving companies. This will require a representative of the company to commit to staying in Charlotte through the duration of the program.

This program focuses on startups within the fintech, insurtech and healthtech verticals. 

International Landing Pad


Introductions to our program sponsors with potential partnerships, POCs, pilots, and customer discovery sessions coordinated by the RevTech Labs team.

Rolling Admissions

12-month rolling admission with up to 20 international companies per year. Year-round recruitment and on-boarding, though the number of startups per vertical may vary.


Presentations at Selection Day, Demo Day and our  Venture135 conference (the largest venture conference outside of SF and NYC), as well as participation in RevTech Lab’s Deal Week.

Cost of Living

Charlotte is host to a number of corporate headquarters and, with affordable housing and cost of living being 1.2% below national average, it offers a seamless transition to life in the US.

Interested in applying for our International Landing Pad?