QCF is proud to promote CodeTheCurve: a new initiative by UNESCO, in partnership with IBM and SAP.

What is CodeTheCurve?

CodeTheCurve is a hackathon meant to empower young innovators, data scientest and across the world to develop digital solutions to counter the 

COVID-19 pandemic.

COVID-19 has disrupted global operations, and has left to over 1.5 billion students across the world at home due to school closure. This disruption has also highlighted the need for digital innovation as we move to a remote working world. 

The UNESCO CodeTheCurve global virtual hackathon is designed to enable students, educators, teachers, and the research community to build tech skills, entrepreneurial spirit, and professional competencies with a lens on digital creativity and cooperation to mobilize the world.


  • At least 16 years old 

  • Gender inclusive group of six or less participants​​

    • ​Minimum of one female and one male​​ participant

    • One member less than 25 years old

  • One developer with basic data science skills

  • At least one member of the team must have basic Linux and Jupyter Notebook experience

  • Solving problems on one of the following themes:

    • Access to learning​​​

    • Information and data management ML on IBM Z

    • Managing present and future social and health issues with a particular focus on COVID-19 responsiveness

  • Submission of 2 minute video by April 9th.

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