• Queen City Fintech Portfolio

    Queen City Fintech is proud to have supported eight classes

    of incredibly talented and passionate founders.​

  • Queen City Fintech Class 8

    Spring Cohort | Demo Day - June 2018

  • Los Angeles, CA

    Digital wallet for food stamps

    Lagos, Nigeria

    CredPal's proprietary platform helps the underbanked connect with third party lenders to gain access to credit for purchases online and offline while builiding their credit score

    Toronto, Canada

    Micro lending for the 21st century

    New York, NY

    A secure B2B e-invoicing network designed to streamline the entire invoive-to-pay process through real time and data collaboration

    Austin, TX

    A platform that increases 401(k) contributions by unlocking tax refunds


    An identity platform that allows individuals to verify identity easily and securely across multiple businesses, but still maintain control and ownership of their data

    Charlotte, NC

    A risk management platform delivering all-in-one debt and interest rate hedging products and analytics to capital markets

    Red Wing, MN

    A mobile app that makes saving and giving as easy as spending so that every dollar you spend is an investment in yourself and a better world

    Montreal, Canada

    A platform to streamline client engagement and account openings for financial services and insurance firms

  • Queen City Fintech Class 7

    Inaugural Fall Cohort | Demo Day - November 2017

  • New York City, New York

    Products and services to the financially underserved - those that are unbanked, underbanked, and the working poor - to assist them in becoming financially healthy

    Montreal, Canada

    A platform that syncs with brokerage accounts and analyses
    portfolios automatically

    Charlotte, NC | Park City, UT | Bangalore, India

    A robust and flexible platform providing trust, security, and interoperability for any private enterprise Blockchain

    Atlanta, GA

    An automated micro-payment solution that seamlessly rounds up the spare change from everyday purchases and automatically applies it towards your debt

    Charlotte, NC | New York City, New York | Portland, OR

    A platform that automates risk and compliance program management, certification, and controls

    Ann Arbor, MI

    Marketplace that provides alternative student loan solutions funded by everyday investors

    Atlanta, GA | Charlotte, NC

    The Artificial Intelligent Sales Coach for enterprise conversations


    A Machine Learning platform to build and optimize risk workflow models for financial institutions primarily in the operations and compliance space

    Atlanta, GA

    A unique SAAS platform bringing accountability, transparency and objective value measurement to Retirement Plan Portfolios

  • Class 6

    Demo Day | June 2017

  • Charlotte, NC

    Digitizing the giving industry

    Charlotte, NC

    Streamlining request for proposals

    Brooklyn, NY

    Suite of AI-powered customer acquisition and engagement tools for retail banks

    New York, NY

    Stock trading with personalized

    trade suggestions

    Charlotte, NC

    A credit score guru in your pocket

    New York, NY

    College financial planning made easy

    Springville, UT

    Spend smarter, live better

    Charlotte, NC

    Digital marketplace for transparent and mission-oriented banking

    Tel Aviv, Israel

    SME alternative finance, embedded in supply-chains

    Plano, TX

    BSA, cybersecurity risk management, and governance "in a box"

    Munich, Germany

    Facial recognition mobile payment solution

    San Francisco, CA

    White-label lending platform for small to medium sized banks

  • Class 5

    Thrive GPO

    Only tech-enabled GPO serving the nonprofit sector

    Thrive GPO provides easy online access to world-class suppliers for commonly purchased goods and services below market rates.

    Headquarters: Fort Mill, SC

    Visit Thrive GPO


    Payment portal for Buy Here Pay Here (BHPH) customers

    CarPay offers an online payment portal that will streamline collections in the BHPH industry, allowing customers full access to their accounts 24/7. This will drastically reduce the amount of time dealers and their customers spend making payments, checking balances, and other tedious tasks.

    Headquarters: Pensacola, FL

    Visit CarPay

    Trust Stamp

    The “FICO” Score for P2P/sharing economy interactions

    Trust Stamp uses social media, e-commerce, and public records to curate a social trustworthiness portfolio, verify subscriber ID, and generate an objective Trust Score, similar to a credit score, for use in the P2P/sharing economy or internet-mediated social interactions.

    Headquarters: Atlanta, GA

    Visit Trust Stamp


    Cloud-based application for direct reimbursement

    RediPay is a cloud-based enterprise level application that will be used to facilitate direct reimbursement nationwide. This P2P system will be used to connect providers directly to patients to provide delivery of supplemental benefits and make direct payment from patient to provider, bypassing conventional insurance systems.

    Headquarters: Charlotte, NC

    Visit RediPay


    Intelligent sales enablement platform

    Interloop is an intelligent sales enablement platform built from the ground up specifically for organization with a complex sales model. Interloop combines the expertise of a senior sales manager and the power of data science and machine learning, powered by IBM Watson, to provide real guidance for the sales team throughout the complex sale cycle.

    Headquarters: Chicago, IL

    Visit Interloop


    Location-based point of sale app for micro-merchants

    Moulah is bringing bank-to-bank payments to the in-person B2C economy and in doing so, will eliminate interchange fees for businesses, saving them hundreds to thousands of dollars a month. Customers will pay businesses through their mobile devices and will be incentivized with cash and point rewards. What's more, Moulah's digital ecosystem will provide businesses with trends, analytics, and marketing tools to better connect with customers.

    Headquarters: Somerville, MA

    Visit Moulah


    International investment platform for emerging markets

    Boon is a mobile app which provides the growing middle class in emerging markets access to a diversified portfolio of US equities and bonds. They accomplish this by integrating with the newest technologies in the remittance space, like TransferWise and Bitcoin.

    Headquarters: San Francisco, CA

    Visit Boon

    Pluto Money

    Achieve your saving goals through bite-sized challenges

    Pluto is a mobile banking platform that enables users to achieve their savings goals and build better habits by tying their everyday behavior with money directly to their saving goals. They do this through bite-sized challenges (personalized and customizable based on their finances) and flexible goal-based savings.

    Headquarters: San Francisco, CA

    Visit Pluto Money


    Crowdfunding for  franchise deals

    brandCrowder seeks to develop equity crowdfunding and crowdsource franchise deals for emerging market brands and franchisees, as well as curate high-quality insider franchise deals within the emerging market segment.

    Headquarters: Birmingham, MI

    Visit brandCrowder

    Stock Tycoon

    Premier social securities trading

    Stock Tycoon is an online social brokerage platform. The platform enables traders to watch performance and trades of other investors in real time for a small fee. Stock Tycoon aggregates pockets of intelligence among the trading community and translates it into meaningful insight for the average trader.

    Headquarters: Kansas City, MO

    Visit Stock Tycoon

  • Class 1-4

    Cathedral Leasing

    LendingTree for the Equipment Leasing Market

    Headquarters: Knoxville, TN


    Capture Your Cash

    Headquarters: San Francisco


    Digital Wallet for Connected Commerce


    Game-Based Recruitment Service

    Headquarters: Bucharest, Romania


    Helps Freight Brokers Find Reliable and Safe Motor Carriers

    Headquarters: Charlotte



    Easy and actionable financial analysis software

    Headquarters: New York


    Automatic saving platform

    Headquarters: Mountain View, CA

    The Torch

    Online and mobile Planning app

    Reward Summit

    payment reward optimization Platform


    Turning Pharmacists into Healthcare Superheroes

    New York, NY

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