• Queen City Fintech

    Why Charlotte? Why Fintech?

    What Does Fintech Mean To Us?

    Charlotte is a Global banking hub

    Queen City Fintech selects fintech companies with technology or customer acquisition models strategically aligned with our banking partners. As such we maintain a 'wide tent' definition of fintech. Here are some segments of the broader fintech sector we find particularly interesting:


    Cybersecurity・Regulation and Compliance Tech・Payments Tech・Specialty Lending・Capital Markets Tech・Blockchain Applications to Banking Processes・Cryptocurrency・Banking SaaS/PaaS Solutions・Digital Identity・B2B2C Financial Tools・Insurtech・Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning, and AI


    Why We Do What We Do

    It's all about traction

    The sales cycle for B2B fintech products averages anywhere from six to twelve months. Gaining traction with a B2C fintech product can be even tougher as the space becomes increasingly crowded. Queen City Fintech partners with some of the largest financial institutions and tech and service providers in the world, providing access to executive level members of said institutions. Facilitating relationships between fintech startups and our banking partners creates value for all parties. Building relationships is the primary objective of the Queen City Fintech accelerator program.

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