• The Carolina Fintech Hub

    In late 2014, a discussion started with QCFintech Founder, Dan Roselli, and North Highland Director & QCFintech Mentor, Andy Moose about how to broaden the discussions of making the Charlotte Region recognized as one of the great Fintech innovation regions around the World. Andy & Dan approached Charlotte Mayor’s Dan Clodfelter offices with the concept and we were off to the races.

    With the leadership of Mayor Clodfelter and QC Fintech Founder Dan Roselli, in early 2105 the first meeting of the Carolina's Fintech Hub was held at the City Hall The meeting was convened by Mayor Clodfelter and facilitated by QCFintech Founder, Dan Roselli, and North Highland Director Andy Moose and was then called “The Charlotte Mayor’s Fintech Initiative". The discussion focused on if there were the political and civic will and desire for the regional financial services leaders to create the team structure and organization to make sure a large civic push happen. The answer was a resounding yes and the work of forming began with multiple organizing meetings and a growing stable of companies willing to participate.

    At the end of 2015, there was a Charlotte Mayoral election and Jennifer Roberts was elected Mayor of Charlotte. As she took office in 2016, she took the initiative to the next level of movement forward, doubling the membership, secure Bank of America’s support in the form a senior Bank of America leader, Frank Farro, taking charge of forming the first work streams and strategic plan for the group. During that year, Bank of America’s leadership was felt once again as the first major financial supporter of the initiative with a three year, $1.5 million dollar commitment.

    In 2017, more companies committed their financial support and the innovative made the strategic discussion to change the organization's scope to go beyond Charlotte and focus on the entire Carolina’s Region and the innovative become formally known as the Carolina’s Fintech Hub. The group was formally incorporated as a 501c6, the initial board was put in the place and the organization hired its first Executive Director, Tariq Bokhari and former Financial Services executive and early member of the initiative.

    To find out what the Carolina’s Fintech Hub is up to today, check out their website.

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