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The Newest Credit Score Guru

A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Curu

· Charlotte Fintech,Fintech Accelerator,QC Fintech 2017

Navigating the logistics of college housing is difficult. David Potter and Abb Kapoor can certainly attest to that. After missing the deadline for freshman year housing at University of Maryland, the two lived in a forced triple together. While that began their friendship, the experience pushed them to look off-campus for their housing sophomore year. The search was disastrous. They were rejected from each place they applied to because of their low credit scores. David and Abb, both members of the Business Scholars Program at UMD, researched all they could on how to improve their own credit scores and they did just that and more. What started as the hunt for off-campus housing resulted in the founding of their own company: Curu, a credit score guru in your pocket.

As David, CEO, and Abb, COO, began building Curu, they searched for a technical founder. “We needed someone who was more technical than us, a better coder, and someone we could communicate with,” said David. While going through two technical cofounders, the name Minh Vo was put in front of them six times. Minh and David went to middle school together in Silver Spring, Maryland and Minh was a fellow terrapin, involved in numerous business initiatives both on and off campus.

“The first time I met Minh, I knew he was our guy,” said Abb. Minh was a natural fit on the passionate and self-proclaimed “overly optimistic” team. Although he had options to go into consulting, Minh knew immediately he would take the risk and join the Curu team. “We are all very similar personality-wise, but we approach things differently, which is why we work well as a team,” said Minh, CTO.

After placing first in UMD’s largest entrepreneurship competition, the Curu team packed their bags and moved to Charlotte for Queen City Fintech’s accelerator program. While many people are waiting for them to fail, UMD is supportive of their decision to grow Curu full-time. David, Abb, and Minh all have high expectations, which can be frustrating. “We as a company are two steps ahead of where our product is,” described Abb. “We have a great team though and we take feedback well.”

Beyond their shared drive to help others through ​Curu, the trio, all recently twenty-one, say their biggest anchor is music. “As soon as we moved to Charlotte, we had to get speakers because it wouldn’t be home without music playing,” said David. The team is excited to grow Curu in a beautiful city that is more welcoming than most startup hubs. “We know that there will always be negative feedback out there, but there is much more support in Charlotte than most cities,” said Abb.

While ideally, they would move Curu headquarters to the moon or to a tropical island, the Curu team sees a bright future in Charlotte. “I am excited to embrace the much higher ceiling here,” said David. Echoing that, Minh recognizes that Queen City Fintech gives him the opportunity to pursue his dreams. “I am able to skip those twenty years in the workforce and build a company I believe in right now.”

Curu believes that every underrepresented group deserves a chance at their dreams because they will fight to make the most of that chance. David, Abb, and Minh are doing just that by growing Curu in the Queen City.

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