• Queen City Fintech

    Providing world class mentorship and capital to fintech startups from around the globe; all in the heart of financial services hub Charlotte, NC.


  • Why Should You Join Queen City Fintech?

    Here's the story of Traderion, a Queen City Fintech Class 4 company

  • Charlotte as a Hub of Global Fintech Innovation​

    Sound crazy? We don't think so. Here's why.

  • It's All About The Right DNA

    Charlotte is the second largest financial center in the US. With tens of thousands of people working in the financial services industry, Charlotte provides an unparalleled collection of knowledge and talent not found anywhere outside of the top 5 cities in the world. We provide the access.


    What if you had access to all of the knowledge, connections, and companies in the financial services and fintech world that New York or London could provide, but you get it in a place that's half the price with some of the best quality of life anywhere?


    Welcome to Charlotte.


  • The Program

    Queen City Fintech is a 12-week accelerator program designed to mature financial technology startups through intense mentorship from leading banking executives, business development professionals, and venture capitalists and attorneys, among others in Charlotte's robust business community. Accepted companies also receive an upfront capital infusion of at least $20,000 per company with the potential for follow on funding for the top performers in the program.


    Charlotte, NC is the second largest financial center in the US. Led by former Bank of America executive and serial entrepreneur Dan Roselli, Queen City Fintech offers access to executive level members of each of Charlotte's Fortune 500 financial services institutions. With low cost of living and some of the best quality of life in the US, there is no better city in the US to grow a fintech startup than The Queen City.

  • Located at HQ Charlotte - Packard Place

    Top five largest innovation centers in the country

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